Monday, April 11, 2011

Infant Massage

Moms, do more with your loving touch.
The loving connection between mother and child is truly magical. It's a bond that can be enhanced through the sense of touch, that's something your baby will thrive on - studies have found that infant massage enhances the immune system, increases a baby's bone mass by 15%* and increases weight gain by 47% so baby grows strong and healthy. This is why we believe infant massage to be the perfect bonding activity for you and your precious one.

Infant massage brings your baby many other benefits, like motor skill development when you massage their arms and legs. Through infants' interactions with you during massage, your baby will also grow emotionally, and learn to feel more secure, confident and independent. Massaging your baby also has the added benefit of calming them down, which in turn can improve their sleep patterns and aid with their digestion.The gentlest way to give your baby a massage is with JOHNSON'S® baby Oil. With its clinically proven pure and mild formula, it will also moisturise his delicate skin.

In collaboration with , we're pleased to announce the
JOHNSON'S® baby Touch Infant Massage Workshop is back!

Registration is only RM20.

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Ruziawati Bukhari said...

hi zana apa khbr? kak t pun pernah dok urut anak2 kak t masa depa baby dulu.. tgk cara kat dalam majalah.. byk kebaikannya klu kita amalkannya.. Insya Allah..

Cik Ina minat Do do Cheng said...

bestnya makcik suka urut -urut bayi tu guna baby oil.