Friday, February 11, 2011

Air Asia Web Check-In

thanks cik puan Hirda coz' info aku pasal web check-, senang untuk korang2 nak check in awal. Kalau tak...memang ku tak tahu........kalau ku tahu ada web check-in, dari zaman pergi KK hari tu aku buat...takde ler kes tertinggal flight cam ke KK tu....terbang RM1.5 K hu hu

apa itu Web Check- In :
AirAsia guests have commended the airlines’ latest addition to its self check-in facility – the web check-in that was made available from Tuesday, 17 February 2009.

With the new innovation, air travelers can now save time on pre-departure procedures by using the free- of-charge web check-in facility implemented across AirAsia and AirAsia X’s entire network.

“This is a wonderful innovation. With AirAsia’s web check-in, I can perform check-in myself in the office. I do not have to worry about long queues at the counters anymore. It allows me to plan my trip better and saves me a lot of time, and it minimizes chances of missing my flight,” said Janice Kuek, an AirAsia guest from Kuala Lumpur when met at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal today.

The web check-in facility allows AirAsia and AirAsia X guests to skip long check-in queues at the airport if they web check in at from 48 to 4 hours before their scheduled flight departure. Web check in is available for all AirAsia and AirAsia X flights.

During web check-in, guests may also opt for AirAsia’s Baggage Supersize and “Pick A Seat,” new services that allow for carriage of more baggage weight and the option to choose seats, respectively. “Pick A Seat” has been smoothly implemented on all AirAsia flights beginning 17 February 2009.

Another guest, Nazatul Ismail Kamaruddin from Sungai Buloh who was en route to Bandung for a holiday with his family, said: “The web check-in is really convenient for me and my family. All we need to do upon reaching the airport is present our printed boarding passes and drop our luggage at the special counter. Also, with Pick A Seat, we no longer have to worry about rushing to board the aircraft. With a nominal fee we can choose where we want to sit, and that is important for a family with small kids like us.”

Kathleen Tan, Regional Head of Commercial, AirAsia, said, “At AirAsia, long check-in queues will be history. We have invested in technology that now offers web check-in services to guests flying across our network of over 114 routes to over 64 destinations. With our increasing use of technology to enhance services, we stay in step with the needs of our guests, who call for convenience in their travels.”

AirAsia’s web check-in is complemented by the self check-in kiosks that allow self-check in from 6 to 1 hour before departure. Airports that allow kiosk check-in include those in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang), Thailand (Chiang Mai, Hatyai, and Phuket) and Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali).

With the latest addition of web check-in facility, AirAsia now boasts of three check-in options for its guests: via web at, self check-in kiosk at selected airports, and through conventional check-in counters at airports.

“We expect our host of check-in options to increase demand for AirAsia seats, especially among professionals and young adults who gravitate towards fast and efficient do-it-yourself electronic services. This increase in demand can only strengthen AirAsia’s lead among low-cost airlines in Asia. Our string of innovations brings ease of travel to guests from Southeast Asia, China, Bangladesh, India, Australia and UK. These electronic services are incredibly user-friendly; guests from all walks can easily use them,” Kathleen said.

Check In Options

1. To check in via the web, guests must log on to between 48 to 4 hours before flight departure, key in details pertinent to their travel, then print their web check-in boarding passes.
2. To check in via self check-in kiosk, guests need to key in details pertinent to their travel into self check-in machines at selected airports.
3. At the airport, domestic travelers with check-in baggage go to the baggage drop/document check counter before proceeding to the departure gate.
4. All international travelers go to the document check counter for baggage check-in, if needed, and travel document verification before proceeding to immigration and departure gates.
5. Domestic travelers with check-in baggage and all international travelers need to receive verification stamps on their web check-in boarding pass before proceeding to the departure gate.

Web and kiosk check-in are available to guests except those who are expectant mothers, traveling with infants, 16 years old and below and traveling alone, traveling in a group of more than 9 under the same reservation number, and those who have reduced mobility and special needs and who book flights using credit cards within 24 hours of flight departure. Kiosk check-in is not available to guests who fly within 12 hours after booking their seats. Other terms and conditions apply.
how? go to Air Asia web. Then cari ler box nie k .  Di sebelah kanan korang tau....coz' dia kecik comel, kadang2 susah nak perasan.  Then just click WEB CHECK-IN NOW.

lepast tu....keluar ler form cam nie......isi ler apa yang perlu kan..

aku boleh buat step sampai sini jer...coz' aku nyer penerbangan lagi 2 minggu kan.....if nak buat at least between 7 days to 48 hours before my flight.  So....aku nyer tak boleh buat....ala, senang jer pun...if korang dah pandai booking tiket online...sure senang ikut step by step utk web check-in nie.

and don't forget, Do you qualified for Web Check- In? check here :
  • Expectant mother's
  • Guest (s) travelling with infant (s)
  • Guest (s) with reduce mobility and those with special need 
  • Guest (s) travelling to Australia (require pre-immigration clearance)
  • More than 9 guest (s) under one Booking Number
  • Guest (s) who have purchased ticket (s) under AA flight transfer service
  • Credit Card & EGV voucher booking made via internet or Call Centre, departing within 48 hours from the time of booking.
** Please note that Web Check-In is only available for guest (s) checking- in 7 days up to 48 hour before their flight.

for more info, go to Air Asia.Com


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