Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50 Tips For Better Life

bukan untuk korang2 ajer.....terumata untuk TUAN PUNYA BLOG nie. yerk.....jom sama2 kita jaga kesihatan kita.

1. Begin your day with a glass of luke warm water.
2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day.
3. Include at least two vegetables and a fruit type in your diet.
4. Eat sprouted beans as snacks at least once in a+ day.
5. Eat green vegetables salad before your mid-day meal.
6. Eat fresh vegetables.
7. Eat just vegetables in the morning at least thrice a week. Let lunch be the first heavy meal of he day.
8. Avoid refrigerated or frozen foods. Eat foods hot.
9. Eat green vegetables and yellow colored fruits daily.
10. Fasting once in a week is good for health. Drink only fresh juices while fasting. Begin with vegetable juice in the morning.
11. Replace tea and coffe with fresh juices.
12. If possible avoid using soda, coke and health/energy drinks.
13. Avoid eating fat fried foods.
14. Limit the consumption of ice creams and other baked products.
15. Never skip any meals. Even if you are fasting make sure you drink juices to compensate the energy loss.
16. Select food items rich in fiber content.
17. Moderate the intake of sugar and salt.
18. Wash the vegetables well in running cold water before cutting.
19. Steam or cook the vegetables.
20. Cook the vegetables like cucumber, potatoes and tomatoes with their skin intact.
21. Calculate the amount of fat in your food.
22. Eat your food slowly and enjoy them.
23. Prepare each dish and enjoy the taste while eating.
24. Learn to calculate the nutrient content in your food.
25. Select good and fresh vegetables.
26. Control your moods in order to control the food intake. While in depression it is normal to develop a passion for sweets or chocolates. Substitute this appetite with a fresh fruit juice.
27. Avoid chips or snacks while watching. You may eat popcorn instead.
28. While eating concentrate only on food.
29. Try to eat along with your family.
30. Stop when you feel your stomach filled.
31. Avoid smoking cigarette.
32. Control alcohol consumption.
33. Learn to sleep well.
34. Select an exercise model that suits you and starting training. If you like practise yoga daily.
35. Walk for at least 20 minutes daily.
36. Involve yourself in at least 10 minutes of stretching exercises.
37. In the office avoid lifts and prefer stairs.
38. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day.
39. Stay calm while concentrating on your breath. Breathe in and out slowly.
40. Relax all your muscles.
41. Find and allocate time for prayer.
42. Laugh is a medicine for good health. Find some time for fun.
43. Rejuvenate all your inner senses and try to savour as much energy as you can.
44. Balance your work and fun time.
45. Find time to spend with your children.
46. Meet your friends and find time to travel.
47. Listen to some music during the day.
48. Share the details of your illness ( if any ) with your family. Participate them in your program to reduce cholesterol.
49. Read books that are informative in contents.
50. Understand that you have the ability to select the changes in your life and believe you can do it.

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Ciklinn said...

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tq share....

♥Azie♥ said...

bagus tips nie ..tq zana

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zAnNa@mAMaBaTriCE said...

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zAnNa@mAMaBaTriCE said...

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zAnNa@mAMaBaTriCE said...

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☆ lieya latif ☆ said...

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Sham Ummi Echa said...

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ieda said...

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LyNn HaMzAh said...

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♥ Anje a.k.a Mama_Balqis ♥ said...

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