Friday, June 10, 2011

Promo Air Asia

meh rapat...rapat...........special offer by Air Asia. But only for 13 JUNE 2011 (ISNIN)

[Special Buy 1 Free 1 offer] - Hello! If you are flying on-board with our AK's flights on 13 June 2011, we have something special for you!

There will be a 1-Day Special Offer for those of you who are traveling on-board our AK flights on 13 June 2011! It's "Buy 1, Free 1" in-flight meal combo offer! How it works? Simply purchase a Nasi Lemak Combo and you get another hot meal for FREE! 


pena rozie said...

Dah lame tak naik air asia.

mysha said...

aMboi kak laJu jer menghaPdet pasaL aIr aSIa nih...ngeh3x Leh jaDi duTa nih..